Articles et contributions dans ouvrages


Simulation of penetration of limestone targets using two-dimensional multimodal Fourier analysis
M. Brun, A. Combescure, C. Baillis, A. Limam
International Journal of Impact Engineering - 2008
vol.35, no.4, p. 251 - 268
A locking free Mortar method for coupling of Fourier Models and 3D Non-axisymetric Shell
A. Combescure , C. Baillis, J.C. Bauruelle
Advances In Structural Engineering, 2005
n°5, Vol.8. p. 451 - 462
An enriched 2D modelling of cooling towers - Effect of real damage on the stability under self weight and on the strength under wind pressure
C. Baillis, J.F. Jullien, A. Limam
Journal Of Engineering Structures, July 2000
vol. 22, N°7, p. 831 - 846

Simulation Numérique du Soudage

Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Thermo-mechanical phenomena during a TIG welding process
L. Depradeux, J.F. Jullien
Journal de Physique IV France 2004
no. 120, p.697-704
2D and 3D numerical simulations of TIG welding of 316L steel sheet
L. Depradeux, J.F. Jullien
Revue Européenne des Elements Finis 2004
Vol.13, no 3-4, p.269-288
Numerical simulations of thermomechanical phenomena during TIG welding and experimental validation on analytical tests of increasing complexity
L. Depradeux, J.F. Jullien
Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena 2004
Vol.7, p.22

Matériaux cimentaires

Soumis et en cours d'inspection :
Influent parameters in the autogenous shrinkage of cement based materials at early age
Georgin JF, Michaud PM, Bissonnette B., Marchand J, Reynouard JM
Journal international
A poro-mechanical modeling approach for concrete autogenous shrinkage
P.M. Michaud, B. Bissonnette, J.F. Georgin, J. Marchand, J.M. Reynouard JM
Creep, Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete and Concrete Structures”, Concreep7, Edited by Pijaudier-Cabot G. Gérard B. Acker P, Nantes, France, 2005

Milieux cellulaires

Soumis et en cours d'inspection :
Numerical investigation of the radiative properties of polymer closed cell foams from tomographic images
Submitted To: Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer
Date Submitted : 02-Sep-09
Soumis et en cours d'inspection :
Simulation of the mechanical behaviour of low density polymer cellular foam using a shell finite element model based on X-ray tomography
P.M. Michaud, C. Baillis, E. Maire, W. Rambaud, F. Peyraud, Y. Prel
Journal international
Soumis et en cours d'inspection :
Shell finite elements from X-ray tomography to model the mechanical behaviour of polymer cellular foam
P.M. Michaud, C. Baillis, W. Rambaud, F. Peyraud, E. Maire, Y. Prel
3D-Imaging of Materials and Systems 2008


Adaptation of the FLASH method to the measurement of the thermal conductivity of liquids or pasty materials
R. Coquard, B. Panel
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2009
vol. 48 no.4, pp 747-760
Radiative properties of expanded polystyrene foams
R. Coquard; D. Baillis
Journal of Heat Transfer ASME Journal 2009
vol. 131 no.1, 012702
Experimental investigations of the coupled conductive and radiative heat transfer in metallic/ceramic foams
R. Coquard; D. Baillis, D. Rochais
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2009
vol. 52 no.21-22, pp. 4907-4918
Numerical investigation of conductive heat transfer in high-porosity foams
R. Coquard; D. Baillis
Acta Materialia 2009
vol. 57 no.18, pp. 5466-5479
Conductive Heat Transfer in Metallic/CeramicOpen-Cell Foams
Coquard R., Loretz M. and Baillis D.
Advanced Engineering Materials 2008
vol. 10 no.4, pp 323-337
Metallic foams: Radiative properties/comparison between different models
M. Loretz, R. Coquard, D. Baillis and E. Maire
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 2008
vol. 109 no.1, pp 16-27
Experimental and theoretical study of the hot-ring method applied to low-density thermal insulators
R. Coquard; D. Baillis, D. Quenard
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2008
vol. 47 no.3, pp 324-338
Cellular and Porous Materials : Thermal Properties Simulation and Prediction
Chapter 11 of the BOOK
Editors : Andreas Öchsner & Marcelo J. S. de Lemos
Hardcover, 439 pages, January 2008
ISBN : 978-3-527-31938-1
Experimental and theoretical study of the hot-plane method applied to low-density thermal insulators
R. Coquard; D. Baillis, D. Quenard
Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer 2007
vol. 21 no.1, pp 114-127